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My sweet little Bubbles was such a loving friend. She loved to snuggle and play. Later in life she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and that is what took her life. I will miss her so much.

Love, Momma



love was his name my black cocker and was so playfill but he went blind and and had cancer and all the things cocker get i think of him all the time and hope to see him soon as I am86 yrs old and I think i will see soon

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My dear sweet Cuddles, you gave me so much joy and laughter in my life. I miss you so much. You were a special gift from God and now you are back home in His kingdom. See you there my "little man". Happy Heaven ! I LOVE YOU

Love, Mom

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Skullybear was a rescue and she also rescued us. RIP Skullybear. Love you

love mommy and daddy, suki

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My mighty girl. For three years we fought Lymphoma together.She was sweet, stubborn, and as worried about me than I was about her. Cancer did not win. We did. I let her go before it was bad. I let her go on a good day but I do miss her every single day. I hope she has a ball over the Rainbow Bridge.....

Love, Mom

Judi   first 2 dogs ashes

over 50 rescued greyhounds

My wife & I rescued over 50 racing greyhounds over the last 35 years. My wife went to be with the lord in November 2018. I still have 7 still with me.



My Beloved Snooky, you were my blessing cat who protected us and gave so much love and comfort. You are missed by us and is now out of the pain you endured, we will love you always and forever! Have fun with all who greeted you when you crossed the bridge. Watch for us Snooky, so we can be with all of our pets!

Love, Mom

Baby sammy

Sammy Sossa

Sammy, you were the love of my life. You were the best friend I ever had. I loved you more than life itself. We could communicate better than anyone I ever knew. You were my heart. I miss you so much.

Love, Mommy



Spike, you were my awesome buddy and BFFF (best feline friend forever) for almost 17 years. I miss you so much and can't wait to see you, no more suffering or pain, cavorting about on the other side of the rainbow bridge. God bless you my little buddy and thank you for all the years of love.

Love, Teresa



Death, as inevitable as life; is a mere transition from body to spirit, though I mourn the sudden emptiness in my heart I celebrate a spirit suddenly free to roam the universe for all eternity.

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