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Our beautiful Bonnie, aka Bonnie Belle, was my husband’s therapy dog. My husband suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2009. Bonnie was a loving, fun, and caring girl. She loved her puppy ice cream. She has impacted so many lives with her love. We dearly miss her. We hope you are running circles in heaven baby girl. We miss you and love you.

Love Mom and Dad

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Kate was my protector, companion and playmate. She bossed the other dogs and kept all in harmony. So many lovely memories of Kate running, swimming, jumping and barking. Miss you so much.

From your great friend and guardian



I'll see you again...my friend.

My Buddy



I just lost my baby I got him when he was 3 months old he lived to be 14 years old I miss him with every breath I take I will miss him forever and ever he will be in my heart for ever I love you and miss you baby Boy we will meet again

Love & Miss you Mom


Seamus McGee

Our boy made our lives complete. He was my first baby and I will miss him forever. He was our gift from God and blessed us with 10 years of dedicated love.

Love Always - Momma



My sweet Ruby was a rescue. Not just rescuing her but she rescued me. She healed my heart and gave me unconditional love for 14 wonderful years! It was so hard to let her go and I miss her every single day! I still say "Goodnight Ruby" before I go to sleep. I rejoice in knowing she is in heaven with the Lord.

Love you, Ruby! Mommy

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Puyi brought so much joy into our family’s life and we will always love him. We watched him grow from a puppy into his adult years, and we miss him so much. Even though he was only with us for seven short years, we will always cherish that time with him and remember him forever.

Love, Cassie, Nicole, Adan, Mom and Dad

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She was our "Nurse" Cassie even though she had no training to be an assistant dog she knew when meds needed to be taken my asthma was about to flare up,or my dad's Parkinson's would cause him to tremble more than normal. We had her for 13 years and sadly had to end her pain from cancer. I know she and dad are together playing and will wait for us.

Miss You

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I miss my cat so very much and wish I had more time with her. She was sweet, fun and fierce and loved to be loved.

Love, Ali and Rachel

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Toby you are always in our hearts and we will never stop missing you since you sprinted over the Rainbow Bridge Christmas 2017.

Love Sandra (in England)