Debbie and mickey 002


My sweet girl. She will forever be in my heart. She gave love even to those who didn't care for her. I miss you mama, the bottom of my bed is empty I Love you.

love your Mama

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Daisy Mae

My sweet Daisy Mae, I miss you every minute of every day. You will always be in my heart. See you when I get to the Rainbow Bridge!

Love, mommy



This is my best bud. I live alone and have lost several family members. Lenny was everything to me. I miss him very much & think of him all the time. Love Barb

Love, Mom



Dizzy, my sweet girl Boo, I miss you so very much I hate that Degenerative Myelopathy took her legs. I will always love you and I will see you again. I love you.

Love Mom and Morpheous

My mocha 7


My Mocha was a wonderful dog who died suffering at the hands of her vet. She was 20 years old and instead of putting her to sleep they made her suffer the same day before she died. She was such a wonderful dog! Could of taken her somewhere else and died by my side. I miss Mocha so much!

Love always, mom

Ava b


You loved with all your heart and brought so much joy to us everyday but cancer took you far too soon. We miss you so very much!

Love forever, Mom

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Our beautiful yellow girl left us after her 9 month bout with cancer. She was our 'daughter' between me and my husband. Her AKC registered name was Huffley, Duchess of Great Brinton (our last name). I held her, sitting on the floor with her till her last breath.

Love your momma, daddy and 'hooman sister'



Chance, me and your momma miss you deeply. You was one of the sweetest dogs a person could ask for. I remember the day we brought you home. We will never forget that. Such an innocent soul. I am so sorry you passed away so young. I will sure miss the lavish showering of kisses you used to give us. miss you buddy.

Love Mommy and Daddy



Cujo, you where a handful and drove us up the wall a lot. You where so sweet though to us. All you wanted to do was cuddle and I deeply miss that. You will never be forgotten. I miss all the goof ball face you made all the time. You will always be in my heart buddy boy.

Love, Mommy and Daddy



After a year that Kelly returned to heaven, it is still very difficult for me to endure her absence. Great friend and companion. It was love at first sight and a privilege to have been adopted by you. Thank you for the happiest 13 years of my life.

Love, Doninho