Teddy 044


Our Sweet Teddy lived a very few years but they were lived to the hilt. My gorgeous friend ...with the gorgeous heart. Rest In Peace Dear Teddy.

Margaret & Billy

Tess 6 9 2010 001


Dear Tess, Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Your unconditional love will never be forgotten. My best girl was my angel on earth and now she is my angel in heaven. I miss you terribly.

I Love you Always, Mom



Chance was the love of our lives: a big baby who lived to be 18 years old. Visually impaired, but full of love and devotion.

Love, Bob and Mary Lou



You were with us for such a short time,we miss you dearly.Benjamin will live in our hearts forever.

Love you always Mommy & Daddy

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Zack was our little boy and when we had to let him go our hearts were broken. He took a piece of them our heart with him to doggie heaven, that we will never get back. We are not sure what his birthday was as we rescued him, but he was our little boy for 15 years, he is terribly missed by both of and always will be.We love you Zack

We love and miss you Moma and Popa

Franny and catnip


My princess….I miss all the sweet and sassy ways you expressed yourself. I miss your wide gaze, beautiful fur and utter uniqueness. May your new life be peaceful, fun and free. You're never out of my thoughts.

Always loving you, Mama



Miss your black fuzzy velvet ears. Hope you are romping free and happy!

Love, Mom



Lily Marie Smart - I loved you with all my heart. It was just us 2 girls and how I adored waking up to you nestled on my side each morning. After breakfast we would have our morning cuddles on the couch. You were so full of love and I thank you every day for allowing me to be your human.

Your Old Mudder



You were my precious sheep. You came to me because you were special and needed a kind home to live in. You meant the world to me. You were a true character: sassy, smart, and lovable. I will miss you forever and see you someday with the angels. Rest easy, beautiful girl.

Love, Mommy



Brownie was my dad's dog till he past away on 7/3/05. She came into daddy's life about a year before he died. He loved her very much. And when she came into my life, we became the best of friends. She died on the day before my birthday. I held her when she left this world. She helped me through sad times missing my dad. Love you very much Brownie!

Love, Momma Jo