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My sweet Zoey was my fourth rescue dog and one of the fav five rescue dogs that I had. She was so loving and all she wanted was to be held and loved on. She is truly missed by myself and her other sisters.

Love Judy and the Girls

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My Dixie was very special. She would always be at the door waiting for me when I came home. She had me at meow and now a part of me is gone forever. I live with a dark shadow of sadness every day. I love you and miss you my Dixie girl.

Love Mommy


Good Bros Haste

Haste was my best friend and therapist for 26 years. She made the decision to cross the bridge and I held her head and hugged her to the end. Run free and healthy my sweet, gentle soul.

Love, Mom



My Tigger Cat... I miss you every day! I love you sweet boy!

Love, Momma


Buffy, Wheasy & Whisky

Buffy I loved you with all my heart, miss you my baby,everyday, Wheasy and Whiskey, loved you both hope you are all up there playing with each other. Sweet babies.

Love Mom & Auntie



My very special boy, Elijah was rescued from a shelter at 23 mo. old, he was purebred Havanese. His passing forever left a hole in my heart, he was my best friend, travel companion, my listener, and his love returned 10 times.

Love your momma

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My sweet girl. She will forever be in my heart. She gave love even to those who didn't care for her. I miss you mama, the bottom of my bed is empty I Love you.

love your Mama

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Daisy Mae

My sweet Daisy Mae, I miss you every minute of every day. You will always be in my heart. See you when I get to the Rainbow Bridge!

Love, mommy



This is my best bud. I live alone and have lost several family members. Lenny was everything to me. I miss him very much & think of him all the time. Love Barb

Love, Mom



Dizzy, my sweet girl Boo, I miss you so very much I hate that Degenerative Myelopathy took her legs. I will always love you and I will see you again. I love you.

Love Mom and Morpheous