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Cooper was a wonderful family dog. He loved the children and he was a companion to me and my husband. Cooper loved barking at the dog commercials. he was an awesome dog. He is sadly missed. Play well in Dogie Heaven Cooper. Love Mummy

Love Mummy

Photo symph


This tribute is to Symphonie, whose ashes were thrown into the Potomac river with a silent. May the lord be with her. She was so happy all the time. Symphonie (I spell it with an "ie" at the be true to her eccentric ways) does live on in my heart like a person. So missed.

Honoring my baby, yours, Dolly



My daughters precious was killed illegally by a cop in our small town. We miss him dearly and are seeking justice for poor chase. He will not be forgotten. He was a rescue dog that went through a lot. Now he's at peace

Love your whole family buddy



Buster. The best all-orange tabby boy. Ever. He loved every being he ever met, human or animal. Thank you for giving us a chance. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for loving us.

Love, your family.

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Winfred Guadalupe "Fred", aka Hambone, Lover Butt, & Destroyer of Worlds

You are the most wonderful companion, loyal friend, and loving snuggler. We miss your chunder and truffle shuffle. You were our sweet little stegosaur and we will always hold you close in our hearts. Thank you for helping us live through the challenges and love to the greatest of joy.

Love: Mom, Dad, Griff, & Loki


LuLu, Willie .Bluey and Blackie

These are the names of my lovely cats and one dog who has passed away. Also I remember my Puppy when he died when I was only 12 years old. I loved you all and I miss you very much.

Love, Mum.



Dearest Chewbacca, you came to my rescue! I cannot imagine another being as sweet and loving as you. You filled an empty place in my heart, I eagerly await meeting up with you again at the rainbow bridge!

Hugs & Kisses, Mom

Cody 001


My beautiful Cody when I brought you that day I never realized the love and fun that you brought into my where my best friend, it's been 5 years that you went to cross the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you you will always be in my heart and mind

with all my love your best friend Jack



Morty you were my lil man and I miss hearing your footsteps behind me. My heart breaks, I miss you so much. You and Lacey left our lives but will never leave our hearts.

Love Mom, Dad, Steph and Joey



My little Lucy, you were mine only three short months before you passed. I miss you so much. You brought such joy into my life, and I continue to hold my memories of you dear.

Love you, Mama