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A gift from Heaven after the passing of my beloved Booboo kitty of 20 years. My heart will forever hold a special place for you my beloved.

Love you very much, Bonnie

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Jersey gave us so much in his short 8-1/2 years. He enjoyed playing fetch, hiking & even recently learned to swim in a pool. While he was a totally insane puppy, his calm & regal demeanor as an adult made him the best friend to all of us!

Love, Dad (Steve K), Mom (Laura K) & Philly (dog Bro)

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First, I was bitten. Then, I was smitten by this lovely animal who constantly shared her affection.

Her Best Pal, Bill

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My beloved 4-legged son, my heart is broken, and I miss you every day. You left us us too soon, a helpless victim of lack of compassion and understaffing in the veterinarian healthcare system in our area.

Love, mom

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From the day you were given up and came into my life I loved anew again. I miss you so much and keep you close in my heart, always. I will never forget you for the love, trust, laughs bestowed. Memories of you are my most treasured keepsakes. Love you forever and always "mama's boy".


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My best friend. I miss you so much. I know that we will see each other again and cuddle with our favorite TV show on. Miss you Blu Girl


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Rolo Dennis

My beautiful Rolo Dennis, my best friend. You may have been taken from me, but time can never rob me of my precious memories.There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, your gentle nature, your loving spirit. You were there for me when I needed you most. I miss you now as much as ever. I know you're never far away.

Forever in my heart.

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This is Mystie, my soft, cuddly, leash-trained boy. He was intelligent, amusing, playful and affectionate. I have great memories of the 16+ years we had together. *This was on a pet tombstone and I agree: "Heaven will never heaven be, unless my pets are there to welcome me."

Love, Mystie's person :)

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Little Girl Blue was rescued from a hoard/pup mill. Mental scars caused extreme fear. With the help of my sister, Blue discovered that hands were good - esp. for belly rubs! People were drawn to her like a magnet. Blue was my spirit dog/gave me strength. She is now reunited with her ‘sister’ Maggie & DD.

Love, Mama Mary & ‘sister’ Caly



Elsie joined Ash Ranch Sanctuary as an abandoned elderly canine who quickly made herself at home. CHF, crushed larynx, and partially blind she found her forever home the last seven months of her life. We are grateful she was our first true rescue canine

You're forever home...