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Our sweet baby girl crossed the bridge yesterday. She had a lot of dignity but she had cancer and she wasn't going to recover. I'll always miss my baby. The pain is fresh right now. We all love you so very much baby Squirt. May you have fun wherever you are without pain. <3

Love, Mommy

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Wyeth and Gussy

Wyeth and Gussy I will see you soon. I miss you every day. My prayer is that the pain I feel is because you know no more.......you both took a big piece of my heart with you......

Love Mama

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Sambuca Lucia

Sammee (our nickname for her) was a gift from my husband the year we found out we couldn't have children. She was my first fur baby. She was beautiful and we loved her with all of our hearts. She went through so many things with us. She my light on days that seemed dark. I think of her every day

Forever a part of our family



It was true serendipity, & fate, that Riko came into my life. His name means "clever" & he was. He was a teacher...He was my animal soulmate. He was my baby. He lived a great, long, & so incredibly loved life. He took a huge part of me with him when he crossed the rainbow bridge. I think of him every day.

Love Forever & Always, Mommy

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Dear Simba- We miss you so very much. You were such a handsome orange tabby. Megan and Kelly were your best friends the day we picked you up at the shelter and you were Daddy's buddy boy and lap pal.And your doggy sister Joy is lost. It was the hardest decision to let you go, but you told us it was time. You were the best!

Love always Mom, Dad, Megan, Kelly and Joy

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Our Sweet Teddy lived a very few years but they were lived to the hilt. My gorgeous friend ...with the gorgeous heart. Rest In Peace Dear Teddy.

Margaret & Billy

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Dear Tess, Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Your unconditional love will never be forgotten. My best girl was my angel on earth and now she is my angel in heaven. I miss you terribly.

I Love you Always, Mom



Chance was the love of our lives: a big baby who lived to be 18 years old. Visually impaired, but full of love and devotion.

Love, Bob and Mary Lou



You were with us for such a short time,we miss you dearly.Benjamin will live in our hearts forever.

Love you always Mommy & Daddy

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Zack was our little boy and when we had to let him go our hearts were broken. He took a piece of them our heart with him to doggie heaven, that we will never get back. We are not sure what his birthday was as we rescued him, but he was our little boy for 15 years, he is terribly missed by both of and always will be.We love you Zack

We love and miss you Moma and Popa