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Maggie Mae

From the beginning, Maggie was determined. Nothing could stop her - no gates, no doors, no donut boxes, nothing! That’s how she would live. Giving everything her all. She loved us every moment and she was our special girl. We had a bond that was unbreakable. She brought so much joy & love. I wouldn’t replace one single moment.

Love, Kelly, Carlos, Nola, Kira & Fiona

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Billy Bob

I love you, Billy. I know you're OK and that you're not suffering anymore. I wish we could've been together for much longer, but it wasn't to be. You will always be my most beautiful boy. I will always love you, Bubba. We'll be together again soon. I promise.

Love Dad

Eliza jane

Eliza Jane

Eliza, You found us when we rescued you with 6 other poodles on a mission with Florida Poodle Rescue. You were so loving and caring. We could see your soul through your beautiful eyes. We will miss you every day but know that you are with your sisters over the Rainbow Bridge healthy and romping in the clouds. In loving memory.

Your Moms

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You changed everything for me and saved my life almost on a daily basis. You brought endless joy and love to us. The noblest face, the biggest appetite, the loudest bark and the sweetest heart. We fought together for a long time, I almost thought we could beat the odds. Goodnight sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to the rest.

Love, Dad (Bob G)



You were small, but mighty. You traveled by car with us! Your final resting place, near lake Michigan's shore, makes me remember you each time we drive past.

Your Friend

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My Mickey. Sweetest heart I’ve ever met. came into each other’s lives much older and had a unfair start. He would lay his head on everyones shoulders and loved kids.My brother had seizures and he would lay his head on him until he woke up. Such a sweet soul. Broke my heart the day he left this world. Ill always love and remember him.

Always love my sweet Mickey boy.

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I was the first human to touch you, the day you were born. The day you left, your friends and I were all around you. Your friends raised their heads and howled you across the bridge. They are all with you now. Remember keep an eye out for me!

Love, Mom

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Elta Dawn

You came into our lives in 2004. We were so lucky to have had you in all of our lives. Your boundless love and energy made such a difference in our whole family’s lives. We miss your cute curly face and you will always be in our hearts. Thank you for being my best friend and giving me your unconditional love. We miss you every day.

Love your Mommas, Penny and Polly



I adopted Dobie, my Chocolate Point Siamese boy, when he was 13 years old. He lived three years with me, and every day was an adventure. Smart, playful, affectionate, and so handsome, Dobie loved me, and I loved Dobie. Rest in peace, dear. Love is forever.

Love, daddy

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Little Bowie

LB was the perfect cat. He loved to play, hug my neck and give massages. Bowie loved his two sisters, Gemma and Mimi.

Love, your human