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We had you 13 lucky years. Your brother Michael, Dad and I miss you!!!

Love, Mom & Mike

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Hannibal was in my life for 15 years. He saw me through so many ups and downs. He kept me alive. I still cry thinking of his love for me and mine for him.

I miss you, momma

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Gia, you were the best. You were always at my side from the beginning that you entered my life on that special evening after Christmas in 2010. There will never be another dog that loved me like you did! I am still heartbroken over losing you so young. I don't understand and probably never will but I know you are not suffering in heaven.

Love, Mom



We adopted Sandi in 2011 at the age of 10 according to the rescue. She lived with my elderly parents for 4 years until I rescued her again. Sandi gave us love and fun until 2018 when she lost her sight and was diagnosed with Cushing's and cancer. We lovingly cared for her until the end and will forever miss her.

Love, Mom & Dad

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My handsome Miluki, my best boy who had to be washed with bubbles, before I was washed by my carer! We danced and had fun. My first boy cat, so gentle. Had to be groomed daily and told how lovely he looked. Crossed rainbow bridge too early, just 24 days after big sister Holly. Love you son, miss you more than words can say

With love and fond memories... from your Mummy xxx

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Miss Minnie

In Memory of our Beloved Miss Minnie. We were blessed to have you in our lives and we will miss you everyday! Until we meet again. Mommy loves you Miss Minnie.

Love, Bethann


Shalimar Diane

My Sweet Baby Girl, my life is so empty without you, I miss you everyday. Sleep peacefully baby Girl. I will always love you.

Love, Mommy

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You greeted me daily for 16 1/2 years with a wag and a little dance that always made me smile. Walks to the beach are not as enjoyable without you. I will miss you always.

Love you Bobo, Mom



Bugsy, you were our big boy, a striking Maine Coon who got along great with every cat that crossed your path. You grew up with our 4 year old daughter, and you were so loving to our family. We still miss you to this day. Someday our new fur baby, Paisley will meet up with you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mom, Dad, & Sister

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Sami you were always such a loving and good natured little boy. So trusting and so giving. Even when diabetes robbed you of your sight you stayed courageous and loving. How I hated giving you your shot twice a day but you kissed me like you knew it was because I loved you. You are forever in our hearts and minds. We love you little boy

So much love from your two Dads