Bugsy, you were our big boy, a striking Maine Coon who got along great with every cat that crossed your path. You grew up with our 4 year old daughter, and you were so loving to our family. We still miss you to this day. Someday our new fur baby, Paisley will meet up with you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mom, Dad, & Sister

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Sami you were always such a loving and good natured little boy. So trusting and so giving. Even when diabetes robbed you of your sight you stayed courageous and loving. How I hated giving you your shot twice a day but you kissed me like you knew it was because I loved you. You are forever in our hearts and minds. We love you little boy

So much love from your two Dads

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Our Little Diva. Found wandering the streets, running to a better place. She found Us. Smarter than most, the Boss of all others, willing to please for food, never met a meal she didn't love. We want her back.

Love, Mom&Dad



My sweet Sam Sam you gave us so much love, we will miss your sweet face. Now you are with your boys, Harley and Hisser.

Love you

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Denny was my special friend and love. He was smart, patient, stubborn,willful (like me :) ). He was also adorable, feisty, snuggly, playful, loving, exquisite, mischievous and loved his biscuits!

Love and miss you - Mosey



My precious Nick, thank you my tiny companion for 15 years of love & joy. Oh how I miss you my little shadow. Jesus Christ gave you to me Nick, as a gift at a time in my life when I needed you so much. My house, my life is a lot more lonely now & I miss my shadow where ever I go. Till we meet again my tiny Beebow watch for me.

Love & miss you Mom

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My sweet little Bubbles was such a loving friend. She loved to snuggle and play. Later in life she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and that is what took her life. I will miss her so much.

Love, Momma



love was his name my black cocker and was so playfill but he went blind and and had cancer and all the things cocker get i think of him all the time and hope to see him soon as I am86 yrs old and I think i will see soon

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My dear sweet Cuddles, you gave me so much joy and laughter in my life. I miss you so much. You were a special gift from God and now you are back home in His kingdom. See you there my "little man". Happy Heaven ! I LOVE YOU

Love, Mom

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Skullybear was a rescue and she also rescued us. RIP Skullybear. Love you

love mommy and daddy, suki