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Goodbye, sweet Bella. I wish I could've done more for you, but it wasn't to be. We had a great 8 years together, and I'll never forget all the nights we snuggled up in bed together. We'll be together again one day, but until then, find Angus and run free together.

Love Dad

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“Cleo” was a great companion for 13 years. She loved naps in front of the fireplace, beef-flavored treats, warm beds, and her humans lap. She will be greatly missed.

Love, Pa and Gram

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First you lived in a puppy mill, then you lost your special doggy-friend, our sweet Shani. But your big-eyed love got me thru the loss of my 45 yr married-hubby and amazing 43 yr old son. I never would have survived without you! I love you!

Love, mama



It's been almost 7 months since you passed away. The pain hasn't gone away. I miss you so much it hurts and everyday I feel like I'm missing something and I know that something is you. I hope you're happy, comfortable, and running around painless. I love you my sweet sweet girl!! Until we meet again <3

Love forever, Mama

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My sweet girl, Tuli, Thank you for being my baby for thirteen years. You brought so much joy, especially during car rides with all the smiles the young and not so young got when they saw your beautiful happy face.

Love forever, Mom

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I know it's hard to understand and I would have loved to stay, But at some point our name is called, and mine was called today. So I will wait at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again, And then it's licks and tail wages for you, the best of friends. I Love You Papa, Lucy

Jim Kieferdorf

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Gabby was my daughter, my best friend, and the creature who taught me about unconditional love. Fly free, my sweet baby. Soar...

Love, Daddy

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Compartimos 14 años de vida junto a nuestra princesa Kira. Era una gata preciosa, muy querida y una gran compañera. La echamos mucho de menos. Donde estés, te mereces seguir siendo muy feliz!

Con amor, de mamá y Laura.

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I got Angus as a rescue puppy when he was about 6 weeks old. We grew up together, played together, walked together, and loved together for 15 years. I miss you so much, Angy. I'll always love you. I'll see you soon.

Love Dad

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Jawa (Princess/Baby Girl/) Vodka

Princess was as fast as lightening in the wind. She is definitely flying around and leading the hounds in heaven. God bless you my fierce but so very loving and sweet little girl. Thank you so much for all the joy and love you gave us.God bless you all for your lost as well. We know how deep hound love is. A happy hound is a happy house.