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I got Angus as a rescue puppy when he was about 6 weeks old. We grew up together, played together, walked together, and loved together for 15 years. I miss you so much, Angy. I'll always love you. I'll see you soon.

Love Dad

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Jawa (Princess/Baby Girl/) Vodka

Princess was as fast as lightening in the wind. She is definitely flying around and leading the hounds in heaven. God bless you my fierce but so very loving and sweet little girl. Thank you so much for all the joy and love you gave us.God bless you all for your lost as well. We know how deep hound love is. A happy hound is a happy house.


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He was my buddy and I will never forget him! Miss him so much! See you on the rainbow bridge.

Love your mommy

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I rescued Colby 4 yrs ago. He was neglected/abused/had PTSD. But we worked through it. He became my cuddle buddy, my baby, mi amor. He went into heart failure Thursday & I had to put him down. I've cried ever since. His 1st 3 yrs were filled with pain, but his last 4 yrs with me were filled with love. RIP my love! Until we meet again!

RIP Colby

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My baby girl I miss you so much you will always have my heart your buddy squirt misses you so it breaks my heart. I hope your no longer in pain.

Love mom

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Our Beloved Maleah left us after 10 yrs of love and happiness. I want you to know Maleah, that I was the grateful one. We love you and will miss you sitting on mommy’s lap. Until we meet again, rest easy baby. Mommy loves you!

Love You, Bethann


Free du Belle Chien

Our beloved Mr. Free - We saw you cross the Bridge to be with your sister, Meggy. You were. indeed, the best boy doggie in the world. Mom and I and your little brother, Hunter, miss you very much. You brought much happiness to the lives of everyone who met you. You will always be our "Peanut."

Love, Dad and Mom



she was a good girl i hopr to see her agian

love dtreama

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Tootsie came into our life on October 08. Over the years we bonded together. The last 5 years I really got to know Tootsie as a person. She taught me all about love. I will miss her every day. Lov dad

Love Forever Mom and Dad

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Nigel was adopted from the clinic I worked at and it was love at first sight. That never changed and we miss him so much. He was a sweet darling boy.

Love your Mom and Dad, Boomer and the kitties.