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My husband and I adopted our cat Leo when he kept coming into our patio. Since we had food out for another cat we thought he was the one eating the food. However, it turned out to be the cat that would adopt us! He was a wonderful 18lb orange Tabby. Leo will always be in our hearts.

Love always, your pet parents



Prince was a very special dog a gentle giant so very very clever and funny and always Happy and really Affectionate I adored him and when my 2 children were born he Protected them too he used to carry a set of Keys on a ring in his mouth and run up and down in Excitement I still miss him so much God Bless you My Prince,

Love Mary



You were the smartest dog. We loved to play hide and seek with you. You loved to lie by the fire, too, as you got older. You will always be in our hearts.

Love, Mom, Dad, Tom, & Aurora



My darling Cami came into my life when I was at my lowest the moment he arrived he changed me for the better. He made me realize that life is what you make it ...and he made it crazy fun, He stood by my side from the moment I got him till the day he died, I still miss him dearly but now I think about the good times we had and smile. love


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Five years ago, a cat came to my porch. I adopted him, and he became my baby. He meant the world to me. A few months ago Tig had a sudden blood clot in his hind legs causing them to stop moving. Hard as it was, I knew that I had to put him down. Before I knew it, my little shadow was gone. I still cry over that night. Love you Tig!

Love, Reagan


Blades Beauty

Blade was a King Charles Spaniel he was kind hearted adorable and he listened to every word just like he understood. I miss him every day god bless him.

Love Mommy

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Dudley Boy was the best doggie in the world. He arrived and left at Christmastime. It was clearly his favorite holiday. Miss you every day Scooby.



My late wife rescued Simba who was a Street dog in Spain where we used to live at the moment he is at least 19years old.He is the last link I have with Carol and I brought him back to UK when she died in 2004.He is a great little dog.


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Josiah, was the best natured boy. He loved everyone. We miss him everyday. He'll forever be in our hearts!

Love Mom & Dad



You were always meant to be with us and you were the best dog in the world. We love and miss you so much Indy.

Mum,Dad and Jaime