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Elliott survived hurricane Katrina. My husband and I were volunteers in Memphis, Tn. Elliott was in a storm drain for 3 days and was crippled by his paw being trapped. One of the first to be rescued in the storm. He uses his paw to knock on doors. We love him!

Elliott the surviour...



Prudy was awesome. Her expression said it all - she could tell you what she was thinking just by the way she looked at you. Poor girl...she was born with Cardiomyopathy and we tried hard with drugs to keep it at bay, but it got her last year! She's upstairs running around in no pain. Miss you, Prudy.

Love, Momma

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PT Cruiser

Never was a cat person until this sweet little tabby came into my life and stole my heart. He loved rose petals and I hope he knows that every time I see one, he is there.

Love, the Big Guy

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My sweet Angel we miss you each and every day. I can still feel you in my arms on the day we had to say goodbye. I hear running down the hall, not barking, but woo wooing for me to come give you a treat. How blessed we were to have been able to rescue you.

My love forever, Mom.

Kashi   doesi

Doesie & Kashi

Our Maine Coon bros, Doesie (eyes like a doe) and Kashi (a puffed up buckwheat groat) were our best buds for years. Doesie was the problem solver, ever patient with Kashi, who looked like Sebastian Cabot but dumb as a stump. Together we laughed and played and kept each other warm. We miss their fluffiness, and cherish their spirits.

Squishes, Jack and Heshi



We love and miss you Storm!

Mommy, Daddy, Kale, Lilly and Sweetie

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It was an honour to have been gifted 12 years with Nikki. He came to us aged 4 and travelled far and wide with us. I still keep looking for him around the house and it is a shock to remember he is no longer with us.

Love, Jennifer



Samantha was a beautiful and wonderful girl. She was gentle, kind and intelligent. I used to take her on road trips and we would stay in a cabin together in Northern Minnesota. I could take her anywhere! I will always miss my dear Samantha!

Love, Mom and Auntie Dawn



Tessa was my second dog, I got her as a 9 weeks old puppy, she was a sweet friendly dog, we shared a special bond , she was a foxterrier mix

will never forget you

Jacob jacobie rousseau


He was my world for 14 years, I miss him with all my heart. When it was time for bed, he would always sleep in the same spot so when I would put my hand down to rest it would always be at his side. Now I keep a small pillow so my hand has a place to rest. I love you Jacob and miss you.

Love Mom