Elmo, gorgeous climber of mine, tell me you are not getting into trouble any more, I hope you are happy and healthy with Max beyond the Rainbow. I love you lots and I think of you every single day as much as I think of Max.

Love, M



Dear Max, I am happy I am given the chance to reach you closer here on this lovely platform. I think of you every day. I miss you, but now you are not in pain any more. My Precious Philosopher Gardener.

Love, M



Barney was our first family dog. A loving and beautiful pooch who saw us from toddlers, putting up with us hanging off of his curly ears , through to becoming a trusted confidant during the terrible teens. We are sure you and Tiny are still creating mischief together!

Love Mummy Easton & Amanda



Our beloved Princess was put to sleep on October 4, 2013. Our family, friends and loyal customers were an integral force in her life and she was a familiar sight in the barber shop as well as walking down Elk Grove Boulevard in Old Town Elk Grove. She was our beloved companion will be sorely missed.

Loving Mama & Papa

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Lord Byron Branwich Putzapuli was the greatest and bravest pooch ever. My constant companion for fifteen years and my fur baby. I still miss your lovely face and your bubbly personality.

Love, Mum and Ivan


Little Bits

My sweet LB was my first Yorkie, and my first rescue. A former puppy mill Mom, at 9 she became my "heart dog". Loving smart, funny, and and a lion hearted fighter of the cancer & heart failure that finally beat her amazing personality. Now she is remembered, loved & missed every day. Goodnight Love Bug, Mommie misses you.

Love, Mommy

Opie (2)


Opie loved me and I loved him so much.

Love, your best friend



Sascha talked nonstop and was the sweetest cat I ever owned. We will miss her forever.

Love, Me

Kirby 1

Kirby James

We lost our Kirby James last May with a heart problem. He was only 9 and we still miss him. I have adopted two knew babies, Silvie Lyn and Nicolas James.

Love and miss you.



Ellie was a loving force of nature. She took care of us in her loving way, inspired us with her agility and intelligence, and graced us with her beauty and spirited play. Ellie was our best friend and beloved companion for almost 15 years.

We love you Ellie! Kathy and Tank