Bella Anne Peters

Bella Anne was a full Breed pit bull . She was always sweet and loving,despite suffering from severe allergies. I believe she is at peace now no longer suffering. We miss her and will always love her. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Grammy and Papa


Bruno LaFermine

Bruno was a sweet loving companion . He died unexpectedly . We miss him . Rest in peace. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Grammy and Papa

My rosie


Rosie was my posey! She was so devoted to mama. She lived a long time and brought me so much comfort and joy.

Mama loves You


Half Pint

I lost my beloved three legged cat last year and sent her photo with a card last Christmas. It was addressed to Doris Day, Cypress Inn, Lincoln Street, Carmel CA. This was never acknowledged.

Love you Half Pint, Ron

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Satch was a mild-mannered sweetie who ran my life completely. He could tell time better than I could. Everyone loved him, no more than I. His nine lives just ran out naturally.



Oreo came from to us when he was 2 years old. He was abused by his former owner, who happened to be a woman. After much love and patience he came out of his shell. He made me laugh. He was my dearest friend.We lost him 2 weeks ago. He was too old (14) and sick to go on. I will never forget him.



Erika came to us as a stray - she brought us much happiness and left this world way too soon. This is a pic of her laying in one of my flower baskets while I was planting flowers

Love Jim and Kathy

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Stella Belly came into our lives, enriched them with her love…she departed all too soon. Such a sweet girl. ..I miss you as I work each day - your 'cave' is bare….

love you forever, GG, mom & Joe

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Angel, sometimes mischievous, so smart-with smiles (If a dog could smile) A fighter till the end) We love you always~~~

XO Mom/friend



My beautiful P.J. was a warrior princess. She fought cancer 3 times, until she told me that she had had enough. I held her in my arms, and spoke directly into her ear - thanking her for all her love - and the joy she brought into my life - then she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you to the moon and back - Mommy