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Sammy came to us from a friend who became ill and had to move away. Sammy was always the first to meet us at the door - even ahead of our black lab Marcus. He loved to fly and drive with us on our trips north. He had wonderful social skills and loved spaghetti sauce. He left our world suddenly and we miss him every day.

Love, Your Dads and Marcus

Cammy girl


Cammy you came into our lives one rainy evening. You were wet, filthy, and exhausted. YOU adopted us. We watched as you took over the house and our hearts. God brought you briefly into our lives to educate us. You gave us unconditional love, took over our house, & our hearts. We miss you so much.

Love your two daddies.

Ebby 118


I rescued Ebby from a man who was abusing him. But he really rescued me. He was so afraid of people except me. He became my best friend. I was so heart broken when he died. They are a part of our family and we grieve at their loss as much, if not more, than when a family member dies.

Love, Mommy

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Samantha was the perfect cat for us as a couple. She loved us both, and we loved her back. She was my heart. She is sorely missed. Her 18 years of life with us gave us much happiness. Sammy, we hope you are in a serene place, watching the birds and squirrels.

With love, Bryan and Tracy



HootieBoy was truly the best cat ever. I miss him every day. RIP my sweet friend.

Love, Your Pops



Daisy was a feisty Yorkie. She was my buddy and loved to be my protector. She was such a joy in my life.To this day I get teary-eyed when I talk about her. She was a one-of-a-kind dog.

Love, your mom



Radar was my first foster failure, coming to our family at age 8 with a grade 4.5 heart murmur, so matted, HART had to have him shaved. What a sweet, loving boy who enjoyed a walk around the yard with his tail at attention. He seemed to appreciate his new life as some dog do. Always to be remembered and loved.


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Bobby was born with special needs but was loved more than any other.His heart failed him after 4 years despite the doctor's prediction that he would live for only a few weeks. We enjoyed every minute we shared and he knew he was loved. He will be missed forever...

Love, Your family

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Stormy always met me at the door after my being on the road for 3 days for work...he thought he was a dog. I loved waking up with his head laying on my pillow next to me. He was the joy of my life and I will miss him always. RIP honey and I hope you are being spoiled as much in Heaven as you were living with me. :D

Love, Mary



Words can't describe how special you are to me! My little monkey, how I miss were such a special boy, unlike any cat I've ever known. Most precious because you were a gift from Ron. Now you are both in heaven. R.I.P. XOXO