Wow, what a great dachsie. Little Greta had been hurt we brought her from the animal control people. evidence of beating, and poisoning bad scar on her head and tail - she was very protective of our little baby girl and my wife. She was ours for over 10 years until the Lord took her home from cancer, In His infinite wisdom.

I will see you again baby, we will have fun. Dad



My darling Snuggles; We adopted her at a pet rescue at 6mos of age. a spaniel/terrier mix - Named her right she was a "hugger " But unknown to us she had a heart defect, that in her later years would take her..She was my baby I love her still,, I will try and attach a photo asap

I know for certain I will see you again, in heaven,,Dad



I had the most loving, handsome boy who someone found at a rest stop and asked me if I would want him. He had the best personality, I loved him so much! We had 16 wonderful years together until I had to let him go from heart failure! Tucker you are missed everyday! Hope to see you again one day,

Love, your mom

Pip ddf 2


To our beautiful, brave & very wise girl, always and forever Pip, till we all meet again, see you in our dreams my love.

Love Mum, Dad & Gabriel

N a


Duchess was like my little sister for many years. My Dad brought her home on my 12th birthday and she was very much part of our family. She moved with us, traveled with us, played with us and loved us as much as we loved her. She lived a long life and we still miss her till this day.

Love Sherri



she was my best friend she went everywhere I went I will always miss her till I past missing you forever

love mam



The most lovable dog I have ever owned. Me he rest in peace.

love, mom (Wendy)



Buddy my sweetie boy you were my soul dog I love and miss you every day. I haven't been the same since you went over the Bridge. I will always love you

Love Mom

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On Rainy Foggy Saturday Morning,A little Skinny Kitten Appeared in my front Yard.I did not have a Car,But I knew that I needed one,because a Mouse had eaten a hole in my car:s transmission line as it was parked in the garage.When I returned Home from Work,he was still there.He was so small and thin,and long story short-He adopted me.

Love Mommy


Lady (German Shepherd)

I miss you Lady you were by far the best dog I ever owned. You will never be forgotten.

Love, Dad