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Momma came to our farm on her own in January of 2000. A wonderful, beautiful female, filled with love, and no voice. Momma was a very important member of the farm, as she greeted families visiting with us for services.

We all will forever love you.

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I know that I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge in the next life, and I know that I will miss you for the rest of this one.

Love,Your adopted mom.



The most loving, tender and faithful companion I ever had. Goldwyn was my favorite rescue cat. Every day, when I came home from work, he waited for me on my parking spot, greeted me and went into my home with me. Such a gentleman.

You will always stay in my heart, Marina



My wonderful Max, I chose you when you were 10weeks old and at 12 weeks old I got to bring you home from the rescue centre. Since that day you brighten mine and Grandma's world. Your love of walks and being on the common dragging the Scouts all over as they tried to complete their orienteering.

With love, hugs and kisses from Mum



Saracen was such a special boy,from an early age he followed me everywhere and slept above my head,he touched my life and my heart and I still miss his smiling face everyday.

Love your mummy



Charlie was a very sweet gentle little soul who brought me a lot of happiness and companionship. I cherish the time I had with him

Love Mark



As you can see Hunter was an angel. I know he was sent to me to teach me patience. Living alone - we can loose the ability to accept others as they are. Hunter accepted my impatient self and made me a better person.

Love Michael



Our darling boy came to live with us in 2002 when his racing days were over. We had 8 wonderful years together and still miss him very much




So sad to lose you so young, we miss you Poppet, you are a special soul.

Love from your mums and Teddy and Duffy

Princess girl

Kiki Dee

I miss you princess girl, but I know you are here with me in spirit.

Love you baby