I rescued Siri in honor of my beloved sister who died April 2013. In October 2013 I was diagnosed w/ cancer, 3 days later my beloved Siri was killed. 3 days later I rescued Mally and she has been the light of my life. She has seen me through 2 cancers. Siri will always be in my heart as is my sister.

Always in my heart, Mom

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Charlie was love of my life. He loved to hug & cuddle with you! His passing is the hardest thing I am going thru. He is an angel now!

Love mom

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You came in our life as a most adorable little puppy and you showed your love and sweetness on a daily basis We will always miss you

Love always

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My dear little Roly. It has been 7 months since you left and I miss you so much.

Love. Mommy

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Simon my pieman I miss you so badly you are my best friend and always will be in my heart and pray that you Re in heaven with Jesus Cyril and Rodney and I pray I will be with you in heaven love daddy

Love daddy

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Rodney you were the coolest dude I know I loved you you will always be my boo boo kitty I miss you and pray your in heaven with Simon and Cybil and pray I see you again till then be with Jesus because Simon is there with him because Jesus loves us all

Love daddy

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Zen was my boo boo he was a tuff guy but only wanted love in the end it took 17 long years before he trusted again after he was badly abused as a puppy. He slept in my bed every night right next to me. I will miss him I loved him like a son I never had

Love mommy

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Daisy Mae

Dear Daisy Mae, I miss you more and more everyday, I cannot bear to look at your collar yet, but I know you will be the first one to push through the crowd to greet me when I get there. Love you sweet baby girl.

Love you Mom

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You were with us over 10 years and we miss you sweet beagle!

Love you, Mama, Mary & James



Popeye, you are missed each day. I understand why dogs are mans best friend. I adopted you from the pound February 26. I made dumb decisions but you were always by my side. Through thick and thin, the only soul that has stood by my side.Popeye loved barking, running freely, and snuggling up on my bed. I love you popeye, I’ll see you again.

Love, Me