Finally your great heart gave out at the age of 43. I trusted my life to you hooning through the Australian bush so many times. You never let me down. I miss you.

All My Love

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Kong Da Savage

Kong died late at night on April 5 2019. Kong was taken by a wild coyote that was walking around in his neighborhood.

Love, Braydon


Miss Binki

It's been almost two years now, and we miss you everyday, Miss Binki. You were the absolute best, most loving, funniest and cuddliest cat ever. Can't wait to hold you again, Lovey.

Love you, Mom & Dad



Today is my beautiful friend Susan's birthday. Her beloved rescue, Pippa, died on April 19th.She was like Susan's canine twin-friendly, girly, loyal, smart. Pippa brought joy to everyone-strangers, Susan's friends, as a pet therapy dog, friends at agility & nose training, etc. She had the best mom in the world.She will be incredibly missed.


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Our Sweet Fanny Girl sprouted her wings on 5/10/19 after a year long battle with lymphoma. She was the smartest, stubborn, most gentle little girl. We know she’s watching over her brother Max, who like us mourns her loss. Goodbye our beloved Fanny girl.

Love, Mama, Daddy & Max

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We had our precious Lizzy for over 19 years. She was the perfect addition to our family. We will miss her everyday...forever. We were blessed to have her for so long.

Love you forever...your family

Rootie in chair 11 april 2017 a.m.


My Angel passed away 4 days after my radiation therapy for cancer, He hung on to see me well, Miss you every day Sugar Bear, Til we meet again, Love you.

Love Daddy

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Charlie I love you and miss you every day. You were my constant for 19 years and I will always be so grateful that you came into my life.

Night night, love you lots, Mama xxx

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To all my beloved pets, my three dogs Blackie, Sheba, Shepherd, my three beloved cats Sasha 1, Kitten Sasha, Mr Chubby. I could never asked for the best fur babies every all of you with me and up and downs and your crazy lifestyle with male papa who never understand you all. But your mama did.

Love your mama n



Thunder was a unique baby, he was mental retarded, mild as well as deformed front legs,and other ailments. I am blessed to have been chosen to be his forever mom.

Love his mom