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Your death was the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. I miss you so much. Take care of Bailey my sweet girl. We love you and miss you every day.

Love Mom


Cinnamon Zodiac Duchess of Dalton

Today would have been the Momma girl Bday. I love & miss your true unconditional friendship. Cannot wait to see you and Char Bunny. You were a loyal friend indeed!!!!!! I promise to make a donation in your honor.

See you at the end of Rainbow Bridge w/ some good ole liver treats.



After a tumultuous beginning, you were our first adult rescue and barked your way right into our hearts! We're going to miss our protector. Hope you can find Linda at the bridge.

Tom & Lu

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My daughter Jackie was blessed with a great companion and best friend. He was loved since the day she rescued him. They did everything together and he was always by her side. He left us this week at 11 years old. He left peacefully in my daughters arms, with all of those who loved him by his side. We will forever have Zero in our hearts.

Love, Grandma

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My little.guy. He had a broken back and was a runt, but the most prescious little boy. We loved him very much. Someone stole him and it was a short time with us. He loved to ride in the cars and was very affectionate. We still miss you bear.

Love you forever mom

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King Benji of Warwickshire

Benji was a beautiful rescue dog who had been rejected from various homes multiple times. He ended up at aged 3 on death row at a Sheffield Rescue pound. I was him on their website. A beautiful big fluffy bear. I knew we had to adopt him but we only had 24 hours. We saved him by driving 180 miles and fell in love with him for many years.

Love and Hugs, Your Family

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Jasper once stayed at The Cypress Inn. He was my first Lhasa Apso—a beautiful breed and the most loyal and loving being in my life!!!

Love, Me



My gentle giant Garfield left paw prints on my heart forever and took a piece of my heart with him to the Rainbow Bridge. Sweetest and gentlest cat I've ever had.Miss him so much every day.

Love,Your Kitty Mom,Margaret



gone too soon.



Lucky was a stray my son picked up & gave to me, the best present ever. She was a manx who was affectionate, obedient, such a soul to be around she taught me more just being around her. Can't say enough about her losing her left a big hole in my heart & I will always miss her

Love, Mommy