Magical Merlin Leon

How we miss our precious Merlin who went home to God 13 months ago. Life has not been the same without you baby boy!

Love, Mama & Papa

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My beloved Cochise was my baby, my best buddy, my protector. He was such a loving dog. never hurt a soul. His favorite toy was a balled up pair of Steven's white socks. I miss him so much but I know he is in doggy heaven playing with his buddy Big Red. RIP my love, momma misses u so much.

Love Mom (Patsy) & Steven


Toby Veikens

my friend for 12 years



You were my first Service Dog and a shelter rescue. You showed love in so many ways. You were smart as could be and loved hugs. My heart will forever miss you.




There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of my Patches He was my best friend for 17 1/2 years. I got him from a shelter and he was abused, I had him by my side when I lost my mom, grand parents and went thru divorce. He was always happy to see me and filled my life with love. I miss him . Love you Patches forever!

Love, Mom



Handsome Hiker we all miss you so very much...your kitty friends and doggie girlfriend Lovey too..a big hole in hearts and lives since you are gone. Smartest and most loving friend. Everyone should have the love of a rescue dog like you. We will see your silly and sweet face again one day.

Love, your family.



You were my mainstay through divorce, moving and just being with me each day. I miss you and so does Sam, your "cat brother".

Love, "Mom" and Sam



My rottie, a rescue, was my best friend. He saw me thru divorce and our home burning down, and illness. We took walks together, went anywhere where pets were allowed. He was loyal and forgiving. I loved him more than anything and miss him every day. He will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. God bless you, Ku!

In my heart always, Mom



I will miss my best friend for the rest of my life.

Love, Kristina



Callie came with the house we bought 9 years ago. She was beautiful, regal, and took no crap from anyone. She will be so missed!!

Love from the Crystal-Seaman Family