Winston   ziggy macri at home in yucaipa  ca.

Winston & Ziggy

As we have said often, if ONLY humans were as good as our best friends, (Dogs, Cats). Winston & Ziggy went everywhere with us, in many instances, we did not go on vacation because they couldn't go with us. Having to say good bye is always so difficult, breaking our hearts.

Love, Mom & Dad

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My very beautiful Tammy. You let your sister and brother boss you around and you were just happy to sit on my chair with me. Losing you was devastating, but you are now at peace without pain. I love you heaps and I talk to you, Lady and Jesse every day.

Love Mummy

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Oh Jesse, you were my very intelligent and patient boy. Living with you and your two sisters was beautiful and comforting. Look after your sisters in heaven. We miss your beautiful nature.

Love Mummy


Lady Ruby

You were a Lady in name and in nature. Your greetings to me when I returned home from work were precious and your cuddles were amazing. I think of you and miss you every day. Losing you and your sister and brother within 6 months was heartbreaking, but you obviously wanted to stay together forever.

Love Mummy



You were truly the most perfect cat! We miss you so much and it still hurts not to have you greet me when I come home from work. We will see you soon, honey boy!

Love, Mom and Dad



Gone way to soon, we miss you so much. You will be in our hearts forever.

Love, your two Moms

Duke laughing at his hat


Duke was a stray and taken in by a family, he produced pups with their dog and we took one (Roxy) eventually we took Duke too as his family no longer wanted him, he was traumatised and had scars on his face, We have since learnt his previous owner was a Heroin adict. From his photo you can see he and his daughter had a very happy time with us. ,

from your adopted family Lyn, Carl, Heidi the grandma Eileen and dog walkers Caffrey and Ryan



My special little 5 pound friend came into my life and helped me through the death of my husband of cancer. Molly was smart, loving, with a heart as big as she was Love always

Love Mom

Wp 000064


Belle came to us after being thrown out the window of a car. Once adopted, she quickly became a member of our family and was loved very much. After being diagnosed with cancer of her nasal passages, we had to let her go. That was one of the saddest days of my life and I pray I will see her again.

Love, Mom

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Looked like a hot fudge sundae. Kept me off the junk for years... `Whitlock` is subject of a book I have authored. If you want to read it email me at The account also merits publication.

Sandra Shevey