K. D. (Killer Dog)

My little man, I miss you each and every day. This house is not the same with out you here. What I wouldn't give to just have a bit more time with you. You were my constant companion, and faithful friend. We will love you furever!

With all our Love, Mom & Dad



Merlin I miss you everyday but I know you had a good life you gave me your unconditional love I will never forget you

love Mom



Bonzo, you're my best friend and my baby boy. You loved me so much and always made me smile. You were the joy of my life. I miss you every day and there will always be a Bonzo sized hole in my heart. It's not goodbye - I know you're waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. See you later, sweetheart. You're always with me.

Always love you my angel boy. Love Charlotte

All three


A dog no one wanted. found in a pet store.Loved riding the motorcycle.loved camping.Riding partner for over 12 years.Loved the treadmill.He was an Ambassador of joy everywhere he went. people continue to send us pictures, stories of how much they loved him.Zeke never met a human that didnt like him. He was truly as human as an animal could be.

all our love,we miss you every day, mom and dad

Artie   jake


Jake & Artie, rescue dogs, loved the swimming pool. One day Artie lost her footing & fell in the pool. Jake, seeing her in trouble, jumped in gripped her collar & swam to the stairs so Artie could climb out. Jake lost his battle with cancer in 2008. Artie mourned his passing deeply but now has a new friend, Kayden, our Australian Malamute.

Jake, Forever in our hearts, Jenn, Joanna and Grandma T.



Missed terribly and loved so much. No one will ever take your place in my heart.

Love Wendy



Rox, you were the best and I miss you so much. My faithful friend who was always good company, greeted me at the door and protected me and made me feel safe. Will miss your Charlie Chaplin eyes and wished you could have stayed longer.My funny valentine, sweet, comic Valentine. You make me smile with my heart...Stay, little valentine, stay

Love always, Teresa and Meeko



The shelter said she wouldn’t live through the night, but I took her home anyway. She survived 15 years with me. She wasn’t affectionate, but she was loyal and I loved her. She loved sleeping under the Christmas tree and posing for pictures. Cancer took her away from me. I miss her daily and occasionally still cry for her. She was my buddy.

Love, daddy



Pitty was the first animal that I ever actually became very close with. She had kidney disease and I had to spoon feed her for 4 mos. She was calm and loving the whole time. She died peacefully on my son's bed face to face with him. I have never experienced such togetherness before.

Love Kay



Sophie was my best friend my soulmate i will always miss her i have 3 other dogs but this one was so special