Pitty was the first animal that I ever actually became very close with. She had kidney disease and I had to spoon feed her for 4 mos. She was calm and loving the whole time. She died peacefully on my son's bed face to face with him. I have never experienced such togetherness before.

Love Kay



Sophie was my best friend my soulmate i will always miss her i have 3 other dogs but this one was so special



Jama's Party Nite aka Coco

I have lost many companions, the most recent is Coco. He colicked for the third and final time. I hope that he has joined my herd in heaven. Such a good and kind gentleman. I miss you so much.

Rebecca James

Bj in his chair guarding his bisquit


I am not sure if I rescued him or he rescued me, but that was the most amazing little guy, we called him super poodle. He went everywhere with me. he taught me so much about love. dogs are so loving to me they are the closest thing to God, because of their unconditional love. I miss me little buddy so much.

Love your Mom



When our eyes met, I knew that I would never be alone again. Maggie was happy-go-lucky and THE smartest dog. Her joys: catching balls and taking trips to Carmel Beach. We miss you so much. You are forever in our hearts, sweet girl. See you at the Rainbow Bridge with a tennis ball in your mouth, ready to play.

Love, Mama Mary & Blue

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We adopted our beautiful girl, Bonnie, when she was seven years old and shared seven wonderful years with her, for which we will forever be grateful. She was an absolute sweetheart, so loving and loyal, and brought us great joy. It broke our hearts to lose her and we miss her very much. Until we meet again, darling Bonnie ...

Love always, Mum and Dad



Until I hold you again, and can play with you in Heaven, you will physically be gone, but I will feel your beautiful spirit close to me. You are unforgettable, my baby girl. I have to make sure I keep moving around. You kept my 76-year-old body from stagnating. I got plenty of essential exercise because of you. Thank you, Sonoma.

Mary Fowler

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I never knew what the term "heart dog" meant until Indy. The joy he brought to my life simply can't be verbalized. I miss him every single day, and am so thankful for the time I had with him.

Miss you so much my big bear.

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Shammie Sham

Shammie was a shelter adoption. He had been left at their door with a broken jaw from being abused.From that moment on, he never left my side.Never was there a dog/owner relationship with us. He was my therapy for healing and I was his. <3

Forever Your Best Friend, Mama



Charlie was my sweet, little friend for many years. We shared a lot together, he was always by my side He was a real blessing from God, and will always live in my heart. I miss you, my little Charlie.

I love you, mommy