Fritz 3 & 4th

Fritz3rd & Fritz 4th you were the loves of my life. I will always love & charish you!

Love forever, Mom, Dad,& Zoeyoxo


Little Bit (Chunk)

Momma's little Chunk..i could not have loved you more if i'd given birth to you myself. I still hear your little bark from time to time. Your pictures are still all over the house. You are sooo loved..forever!

Love, your momma

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Daisy was such a sweet beagle who was given an unfair start in life. She was a puppy mill dog who couldn't overcome her background.Two weeks after we lost her I was given a sign that she was ok, I sat at the table named Daisy at Doris Days birthday celebration. I believe Daisy is at peace playing with other four leggers.

Miss my girl, Mom

Christmas merlin 2010

Merlin Painter

I will forever miss you, my boy, Merlin! You were a special boy and a constant companion. You are always in my heart and still bring tears to my eyes when I think of you. I miss you terribly!

Love, Momma

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Zigg we had a wonderful life with you and you touched our heart forever. We miss you.

Mom & Dad

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I had harsh childhood Muffin and Doris day. Both showed me that there is hope and goodness exists I used to dream that Doris was my mother and Muffin was my child and that is how I felt loved Otherwise I would have not survived my Childhood I train dog and horses as a profession I do anything to help animals

Muffin you were my family as I child you were my only family thank god for your existent



Your missed very much Bubba! You are always on my mind.

Love you buddy!



Miss you so much every day bubba. Light of my life! Always will be!

Love Mom

Ezzie 122512

Princess Ezzie Wezzie

Ezzie-Wezzie, I miss you oh so much but I know we will meet @ Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mom



You were special from the start! I miss you terribly, my little monkey! Furever in my heart...

Love, Mommy