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Feathers was the love of my life for 19 years. She gave me unconditional love and comfort. She was remarkable. Brave, strong and wise. I love her more then any human. I will love you for a thousand years my love and we will be together. What a beautiful life you gave.. Thank you for amazing love for 19 years.

Love Mum

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My beautiful loving boy, Armani was my best friend. He was one of a kind and made everyone smile, laugh and feel loved. Known as "The best cat in the world" to those that met him. He lifted my spirit and was my comfort and love of my life. He brought light to my life, was my home and made me smile every second. We will cherish you forever, angel.

Love, Mommy Linda

My darling molly


I feel a hollow in my heart and I still sense you; your soft warmth, your little head under my hand, and your sincere devotion. Your heart just gave way and mine has never been the same since. But I still feel your fighter’s spirit there. You passed away in my arms. You were a joy for twelve years. Always with me. Adored forever.

Love Anna, with all my heart xxxxxxxxxx



She was a beagle, lived 10 yrs. I was devastated to learn that she had cancer. had her put to sleep It broke my heart to lose her that way She was really a sweetheart of a dog.

A loving owner



I miss my little Spenser. She went through so much but she was a special little girl. She survived cancer surgery and was with us for 4 more years after that. She passed in my arms. She would have been 17 years old. The house is quiet without her. She was precious and we loved her.

Love, Pat, Debbie, Bart and Casey

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Precious, a little white cat with a calico tail, was our family pet and my companion and friend. She brought me lots of cat gifts to show her love and followed me on my walks. There will never be another cat like her...she was special and unique. We love you and miss you, dear Precious.

Love, Susie



Found this scrawny little pup in a Georgia 'kill' pound. She had Parvovirus but made it. She was the sweetest entity I ever knew. She taught me so much.

Love and Miss you, Your Dad



My lovely fish, you left us too fast. I don't even have your photograph. I don't know why you died. But wish you happy in Fishes' Heaven.

Love forever, Gina


Too many to mention

My 7 rescue dogs were loved more than words can say. I shall never stop missing each and every one of them. That also goes for my 4 rescue cats. The house is so quiet and empty now. xxxxxxxxxxx a kiss for each.

Forever with me. Love Mum

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Bella was a face, only a mother & father could love. Shar Pei full of wrinkles and lots of love, kids always loved to pet her. Her shadow was so funny looking. See you at the Rainbow Bridge our sweetie!

We love you always, Mamma & Pappa