Bruno LaFermine

Bruno was a sweet loving companion . He died unexpectedly . We miss him . Rest in peace. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Grammy and Papa

My rosie


Rosie was my posey! She was so devoted to mama. She lived a long time and brought me so much comfort and joy.

Mama loves You


Half Pint

I lost my beloved three legged cat last year and sent her photo with a card last Christmas. It was addressed to Doris Day, Cypress Inn, Lincoln Street, Carmel CA. This was never acknowledged.

Love you Half Pint, Ron

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Satch was a mild-mannered sweetie who ran my life completely. He could tell time better than I could. Everyone loved him, no more than I. His nine lives just ran out naturally.



Oreo came from to us when he was 2 years old. He was abused by his former owner, who happened to be a woman. After much love and patience he came out of his shell. He made me laugh. He was my dearest friend.We lost him 2 weeks ago. He was too old (14) and sick to go on. I will never forget him.



Erika came to us as a stray - she brought us much happiness and left this world way too soon. This is a pic of her laying in one of my flower baskets while I was planting flowers

Love Jim and Kathy

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Stella Belly came into our lives, enriched them with her love…she departed all too soon. Such a sweet girl. ..I miss you as I work each day - your 'cave' is bare….

love you forever, GG, mom & Joe

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Angel, sometimes mischievous, so smart-with smiles (If a dog could smile) A fighter till the end) We love you always~~~

XO Mom/friend



My beautiful P.J. was a warrior princess. She fought cancer 3 times, until she told me that she had had enough. I held her in my arms, and spoke directly into her ear - thanking her for all her love - and the joy she brought into my life - then she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you to the moon and back - Mommy



Luis is a 9 yr old yorkie whom I got from a shelter. He had been rescued along with 150 others and had lived in a filthy cage for 8 yrs. had a broken leg and eye injury. He snuggles in my arms, looks up at me and gives a happy sigh and I love him so much. He is my 4th Yorkie and I also have a Golden and 2 cats all from shelters.

Love mommy