LuLu, Willie .Bluey and Blackie

These are the names of my lovely cats and one dog who has passed away. Also I remember my Puppy when he died when I was only 12 years old. I loved you all and I miss you very much.

Love, Mum.



Dearest Chewbacca, you came to my rescue! I cannot imagine another being as sweet and loving as you. You filled an empty place in my heart, I eagerly await meeting up with you again at the rainbow bridge!

Hugs & Kisses, Mom

Cody 001


My beautiful Cody when I brought you that day I never realized the love and fun that you brought into my where my best friend, it's been 5 years that you went to cross the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you you will always be in my heart and mind

with all my love your best friend Jack



Morty you were my lil man and I miss hearing your footsteps behind me. My heart breaks, I miss you so much. You and Lacey left our lives but will never leave our hearts.

Love Mom, Dad, Steph and Joey



My little Lucy, you were mine only three short months before you passed. I miss you so much. You brought such joy into my life, and I continue to hold my memories of you dear.

Love you, Mama



dearest bilbill (my shadow) you stole my heart it was love @ 1st bite when I rescued you xx I miss you everyday bless you xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lots of wuv mommy xxxxxxx



Dear Radar, You were my first Service Dog. You were one in a million and the best friend I could ever have. You knew me better than any human did and knew exactly how to help me and when. You had the most beautiful coat that your Aunt and Uncle loved grooming. You will always be a part of all who knew you and loved you!!! Thank you my friend..

Love your mom, and your fur step brothers and step sisters


Charlie Braun

My precious rescue. I'm crying so hard from seeing this I can only suggest: To find out about the Rainbow Bridge for real: see: Youtube, Kat Kerr, pets in heaven.

Love and Kisses, Mama



Max, you are on the rainbow bridge waiting for me to show up. It will be a while but your always in my heart. Miss you always.


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maggie garro

Hi Everyone. God blessed me and brought Julie Big Chris Cory and lil chris into my life.I will miss you all soooooo much but hope to see you again in heaven I will love you always and for ever.. your lil girl and puppy

Love your puppy daughter Maggie