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You’re my best boy, you’re handsome and brave and strong. There’s nothing we two can’t face. If you’re with me, whatever comes, we’ll see that trouble never comes. And if someday when everything turns out wrong, you’re through with the human race, come running to me for you’ll always be my best boy. (J. Herman-MAME) Take good care of Emmy!

All our love always, Mama, Dad & Daisy



Bailey came to us 11 years ago. Our son Landon only had him for 9 months before he passed away. He made us laugh when we thought we would never laugh again. He comforted us during the darkest days of our lives. Brave, strong, loyal, sweet-we are forever grateful for his special gift of love.

Love (always, always) Marsena & Ray (& Aunt Mary)


For all the unnamed pets

This is dedicated to all the animals that never had a chance to be named. These are the precious babies the foundation helps in partnership with all the pet lovers of the world.

Always take that extra moment to love an animal



Snuffy was and still is my soulmate. His soul spoke to me via his eyes that danced and his smile that conveyed the warmth of his charm and character. I love you Snuffy and we will be together soon enough, in God's time.

Love, your Soulmate



My Good Boy, you filled my heart with such pleasure and love. You will always be there.

Love you, Mom



I will miss this girl forever, best dog ever. She was my best friend. Play hard at the bridge.

Love you always bear.. Love mum xxx



We rescued my beloved Cookie in 2006, she brought so much love, comfort and happiness to our home. We love and miss you! I know we will see you again in Heaven.

Love Mommy, Daddy and Vincent



My sweet boy, I miss you so much! You were by my side through the pain of losing my husband and through the joy of finding love again! We shared our lives for more than 16 years and I thank God for each day we had together. See you on the other side, my beautiful Nee.

Momma loves you always & forever



My beloved'Manther Puppy. I loved you from the day I met you. You were a loving sweet girl and I miss you terribly! I can hardly wait to see you and all my pets over the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mom

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The best dog we will ever have. She was loved by our family, she was truly part of our family. She is truly missed and never can be replaced. Our home will never be the same without your perfect little face in it. You are now happy and you are in pain no more. Till the day comes and we can play ball again!! We love you so much and forever!!

Your family that will always love you