You left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge a year ago today...We miss you as much now as we did then...a day doesn't go by when we don't think of you...You are always in our thoughts and our hearts.

Love Daddy Rob, Daddy David, Opie and Andy


Mitzie, Tassahara, and Shiroko

Mitzie, Born 1982, Tassahara, Born 1984, and Shiroko (Daughter to Tassahara, born 1988), I miss you terribly. You helped me through some horrible times and lifted me through my darkest days. My forever friends. I miss you every single day, but know you are together. Love you forever.

Love, Koonie



Dear Sydney, today would have been your 16th birthday. We went everywhere together, so many happy memories. My favourite memory is dancing with you to Benny Goodman, the expression on your face while we stomped together was priceless. So happy. I dedicated my walk to you today. Someday we'll dance again. :)

Love you always


Taffy "Parker

STILL MISS YOU TODAY, my little girl -We had many years together . (Year of death was wrong above ) sorry "2014 not 2004

love Papa


Taffy "Parker "

Still miss you today--My little girl

love Papa



toby was a diabetic passed away 27.3.2014 aged 12

love mom



Such a good girl. Thank you my little girl for giving us love and happiness everyday. Your running on the Cambria beach was my love back to you. Such a special little love .... to be in our hearts forever.

Love forever, Mommy

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Olive - my sweetie pumpkin, my forever dog. How I ache to hold you again, breath in your smell, and feel your sweet kisses all over my face. You were the best companion I could have ever hoped for and enriched each and every day for the short time you were with us. Mommy loves loves loves you and misses you every single day.


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You showed me what unconditional love feels like. Your biggest joy in life was to please all those around you. I love you forever and will see you again in heaven someday with Tillie and Mittens too!

Love Mom

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My little Bumble, you are my dog, my Bumble Bee, my Tippy, my baby. You gave me pure blissful happiness during your stay here on earth and thank you to Jesus, I will go home someday to be with you forever! The hole in my heart will be once filled again, forever on that day. I love you! Kiss Kiss.

Love, Mommy